Sunday, March 31, 2013

"A lick of Immortality" - The second in a series of paranormal romance novels based around the ongoing battle between the Malakim and the Din

The extremely hot weather we had over the summer that's just finished gave me the time I needed to write "A Lick of Immortality". I can see know why some writers get attached to their characters. I feel compelled to tell their tale and see them through the whole story arc, to the release of all their friends.  It's going to take a few books to do that.  This is the second.

The basic synopsis for this one is this:

Thex wants to free his second in command Arion who was imprisoned in immensely hard crystal at the same time as the rest of his team. He'd like to free his whole team but humans with the level of compassion to do it are pretty thin on the ground. There's still the problem of who will help them this time.

Major John Samuels is just back from a trip to Sydney, tying up a few loose ends before he settles permanently on the outskirts of Boswell.  He plans to settle into the old fishing shack down by the lake that he's been renting but has just bought. He's had some bad news.

Sally, the local vet and sister to the local cop, has been mooning over the Major since he arrived in the town.  She's been looking forward to his return.  She can't work out why but weird things are starting to happen in her life. Simon's kitten might be to blame.  The kitten might be more than he appears.

To tell you more would spoil the story but there's plenty of romance and fantasy along the way.  Beyond the surface story is a wealth of metaphysics covering ascension into a rainbow body, traversing the Bardo, transcending the self and realizing the true nature of the universe. 

The evil Din are still there in the background, causing trouble.  There's a little more of a look at the tyrant Sakla who leads them and his economic empire. We meet General Polemarch who's been Sakla's right hand man what seems forever.  Upal and Mendal who defected to the Malakim side in the first book are still there and assist Thex towards the end of the book.  I think their story will come in book four.

In the meantime I'm plotting Sargent Michael Wilson's story and the rescue of Kiana from the deep.

For me these books are a whole lot of fun.  Writing is turning out to be the hobby I never planned.  Sure I've written a few short stories in the past but whole books...! The process of writing, editing, doing book covers, indie publishing and marketing has really broadened my horizons.  It's strengthened my belief in the interconnectedness of everything as what I've done wouldn't have been possible without the right people with the right skills turning up to help.  I am indebted to them.  Maybe one day I'll make enough from this hobby to reimburse them in some way but for now we're all in it for the love of it.

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