Monday, March 4, 2013

A heart of stone: a metaphysical paranormal romance based loosely on Gnostic legend

My first novella Heart of Stone was an ebook on Amazon Priced at $0.99US. Published in the middle of 2012.

On one level this simple, lighthearted and fast paced, very Australian, paranormal erotic romance is a little bit naughty and a bit kinky. Underlying all that is a deeper message about love that is all accepting, transcending taboos and arbitrary values and connecting us with the all pervading consciousness of the universe.

The heroine Tyra is a soon to be retired librarian.  She is woken in the middle of the night to find her uncle has died and a destiny she didn't know she had calls her to a small Australian country town.  To fulfill her destiny she must find her own liberation and make a bond of love that exceeds normal human limits. Tyra must let go of obstacles she has placed in the path of love and let go of boundaries of self and mortality.  And of course there's an ancient evil out to stop her.

The Malakim are the good guys.  Loosely based on angels they are higher dimensional beings seeking to free their own who were imprisioned in crystal by the Din (aka Djinn), the bad guys, 100,000 year ago. Trouble is the bad guys are still around. The Malakim are fairly indestructible, except for the Din's dark light weapon that can turn them into stone. The characters are based on Gnostic legends with the Din cast as lion headed reptiles that can infest a human's aura or take physical form separate from their host but only as a reptile and that tends to go down not too well these days. The Malakim understand the non-dual nature of existence.  In our plane they are really high frequency light and sound but mentally project a form that can interact with the world.  They also like fast cars, pilot interdimensional spacecraft and are pretty damn hot.

A paperback version was released towards the end of 2012 and is available through all good book vendors.  A sequel is called "A lick of immortality" is at the final edit stage and should be out shortly after Easter 2013

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