Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't label me!

I am thrilled to be finally releasing this story which is out now on kindle , Smashwords and Google play. Other vendor sites to follow. There will be a paperback version. I chose a waterlily, from my own garden, for the cover as it symbolises rising above the mud that life sometimes mires us in. Sathi, Hideo and George all have lives that in one way or the other have been uprooted by events outside their control. Against the odds they find their destinies on the other side of the planet.

This is their story. The book, number five iin the series, also continues the story of Boswell, its paranormal and kinky inhabitants and their ongoing struggle to free the planet from enslavement by their arch enemy the Din.

I especially enjoyed writing the little side plot of Ang and the Delphine emissary.