Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Inner Alien

I've enjoyed writing all my books but I am especially fond of the couple who take center stage in this story. Having worked in the television industry myself  Phoenix seemed very real as a character. Passionate about her career, bull at a gate, rushing headlong into wherever her gut instincts led her. Even the Ducati was special. In my twenties I had a poster of one hanging on my wall. When I met my mate he had a moto guzzi and later a Laverda motocycle and I had a modest but much loved 250 Kawasaki LTD so I soon forgot all about Ducatis until I asked myself what sort of transportation would Phoenix ride. A motorbike fitted nicely with her fearless have a go disposition. Then there was her back story to invent. Why did she have problems feeling her emotions? The father and his dislike of overemotional females just seemed to mesh. But the father was by no means the nasty sod that Muire's was so I decided to redeem him later on.

Trian. Well I'd read a little about Arcturians, mostly what others have channeled. A three foot alien didn't seem to suit but I thought he could be relatively short in the Lemurian world, compared to Phoenix's previous incarnation. That Trian was someone who was able to freely cross the barrier between form and light gave me quite a bit of scope for a different kind of sexual encounter.

The science of how much matter is in our atoms, bioprinting and the collapsing magnetic field of the earth I tried to keep plausible, mostly. A little bit got into the realms of fancy. Maybe a lot. But it was fun. I'm not ashamed to say I like what I would call fun sci-fi. The likes of the TV series Eureka.

The metaphysics is the serious stuff that I always try to weave through my novels. The novels were birthed from an experience of non-dual consciousness that I had back in 2012. Since then I've followed a path that could bring the insights from that experience into my day to day world. I've had a lot of growing to do and still do. What I've learnt along the way has given life to Boswell's generally culture. The rest of that culture comes from small Australian bush town ethics, people helping each other, not for gain but because we are all isolated from the city.

The final book of this series, yet to be named, is already starting to take life, in my mind at least, will bring all the events and story threads that have been weaving through this series to their culmination. I look forward to it being as much fun to write as this one.

My Inner Alien is out now on Smashwords, iBook, Amazon, Google Play and other online vendors. Available in ebook and paperback

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