Friday, November 6, 2015

The Vampire President and The Headmistress

When I set out to write this story I only intended a short story, similar to the Guardians of the Rasselas. I soon realized I was going to have a LOT of fun writing this very different vampire story. Take a species of alien, driven from their own galaxy by a relentless enemy, a Martian apocalypse that led to them eventually seeking refuge on earth and one recently made immortal headmistress who's been cajoled into being Boswell's ambassador to them and you have just the start of the plot.

Since I was finally starting to get deeply into dream yoga as I wrote this my imagination took flight. Which you'll see if you read the story. Along the way there were plenty of opportunities to entwine other metaphysics as well as myths and legends into the plot.

There's probably room for a later tale set on Mars but that's for later on.

You can find the paperback on Amazon, Bookdepository and other online vendors:

The ebook is widely available.

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