Monday, March 26, 2018

Sprouted quinoa, toasted pine nuts, shredded nori, rice and carrot sushi and patties

My friend Robyn, who's a great amateur chef and amazes me what she produces in her small but compact kitchen, turned up the other day with some treats for me. I quizzed her on the ingredients then had to have a go myself:

The mix for the sushi and the patties is basically the same.

  • Sprout one cup of quinoa
  • Cook one cup of rice
  • Cook half a carrot and mash it.
  • Toast about 1/3 cup of pine nuts in the fry pan until browned
  • Shred or finely cut up one sheet of nori

Mix together and use the mixture as filling for sushi rolls

To make the patties add two tablespoons of psyllium seed as an egg replacement. Add about a dessertspoon of turmeric for color and flavor. Pan fry until brown

I use a non stick fry pan for toasting the pine nuts and browning the patties so no oil needed.

Serve the sushi chilled, the patties warmed. Both are quite sweet tasting.

Robyn's original mix used cooked pumpkin instead of the carrot but I didn't have any so I substituted.

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